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Welcome to the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center!

Cancer treatment is challenging and demanding for all involved, requiring a lot of experience and quality-assured interdisciplinary collaboration. Treatment outcomes are significantly better when treatment takes place in certified cancer centers (see WIZEN study). The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center is the largest cancer center in Germany and is certified in all areas, which is verified by annual external auditors. In 2022, for example, we developed more than 21,000 individual treatment plans for more than 14,000 patients in our tumor conferences, involving more than 200 experienced oncologists from all specialties (see Quality Report). However, we do not stop at the current standards, but stand as an oncological top center for the systematic further development of a patient-oriented holistic and comprehensive tumor medicine.

                                                                                  Our focus is patient-centerd.

Trustworthy, individual treatment and care are the core of our work.
We conduct research so that patients can benefit from the latest scientific findings and the most innovative treatment approaches. Together with our multi-professional and interdisciplinary medical experts, researchers and our CCCC Patient Advisory Board, founded in 2021, we actively shape holistic care.

This approach is also sustainably promoted through close cooperation and involvement of the entire medical care chain. This includes primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, psychosocial aftercare facilities, self-help organizations and hospices. 

Why choose the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center?


Benefit directly from scientific progress within the framework of clinical studies and projects. We offer you a wide range of services such as the prescision oncology consultation, the second opinion and the interdisciplinary tumor conferences and access to self-help groups. Let yourself and your loved ones be accompanied by ongoing psycho-oncological counseling and care before, during and after therapy.

Thanks to the expertise of our selected specialists from certified cancer centers and your interdisciplinary and multiprofessional cooperation in the tumor conferences, we can be a trustworthy partner for you on your way.

Overview - CCCC in Figures, Data and Facts