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Pflege in der Charité | @Foto: Wiebke Peitz/Charité

Oncological Care at the Charité

Oncological nurses at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin assume a key position in interprofessional collaboration. At every stage of medical treatment, oncology nursing staff are competent contact persons with the required high level of professional expertise, empathy and the ability to accompany patients and their relatives in critical situations.

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Oncology Nurses at Charité - Your Competent Contact Persons before, during and after Medical Treatment

In addition to medical care, people with a tumor disease require special nursing care.
Complex and varied treatment therapies, special symptom management, as well as the psychosocial effects of the disease on those affected and their social environment require qualified oncological nursing staff with competence to act.
For this purpose, the oncological nurses of the Charité are competent contact persons during and after the medical treatment and assume a key position in the interprofessional cooperation. This requires a high degree of professional competence, empathy and the ability to accompany patients and their relatives in crisis situations.


Anke Jentzsch

Nursing Director Charité

N. N.

Nursing Director CC 10

Sandra Hubert

Deputy representative of nursing quality of the CC12 and CC14

Stephanie Schönbeck

Quality Representative | Absence of the Nursing. Center Management CC12 and CC14

Dr. phil. Manuela Zimmermann

Head of Nursing Science Charité

The Oncological Care Concept