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Information for Physicians

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Information for Physicians

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your interest on ongoing clinical studies within the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center. In order to determine whether your patient meets the criteria to participate in one of our studies, we would like some general information (Fax form. german + Patient informed consent). After receiving your answers we will contact you and, if relevant, put you directly into contact with the head of the clinical study at the Charité.

Please provide the following information:

• Indications of the tumor

• Information about preliminary treatment

• Has the patient ever been treated in the Charité?

• If so, please provide the department name, if you know it.

• Would you like information about all ongoing studies related to this type of disease?

• Would you like information about a particular study (please identify)?

• Would you prefer that communication go through you, or should an appointment be made directly with the patient?

• In the latter case, please provide us with the necessary contact information and other relevant information for the patient.