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Foto: Ärztinnen und Ärzte bei der Teambesprechung | @Foto: Wiebke Peitz/Charité

Infor­ma­tio­n for Medical Professionals

Find the information you need, whether you're a doctor at Charité or from a private practice.

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Services of CCCC and Charité for the Treatment and Support of Patients with Malignant Diseases

Here you will find information and contact persons for the following areas

  • interdisciplinary tumor conferences
  • molecular tumor conference
  • Overview of all tumor entities treated at Charité
  • Information on oncological clinical studies at Charité 
  • Information on second opinions
  • Consultation services at Charité
  • Supportive measures and information for tumor patients
  • Information on the Clinical Cancer Registry and tumor documentation in Charité
  • Access to the Web-GTDS and CCCC workstation (4C-AP) (only for Charité internal employees)
  • Information on the use of Charité physician portal, which allows colleagues in private practice to view findings of jointly treated patients
  • oncological training courses at Charité and other events

Please note that when using the following offers for patients who have not previously been treated at Charité, a declaration of consent must be obtained from the respective patient:

  • when registering a patient for the tumor conference
  • when registering a patient for a second opinion, or
  • when evaluating whether a patient is eligible for a clinical trial.

The corresponding forms are available on the respective pages.

Charité Electronic Physician Portal

As a physician in private practice or a physician from another clinic, you can use the electronic physician portal of the Charité to view information and data on jointly treated patients in a secure network.

In the FAQ section of the physician portal you will find information about the access requirements and usage options. If you are interested in setting up such access, please get in touch with the contact persons indicated.