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Clinical Cancer Registry

The Clinical Cancer Registry is a department of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center that records, analyzes, and reports all cancer cases treated at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The registry ensures the quality of care provided by the  oncological centers of Charité by collecting and analyzing data on patient demographics, tumor characteristics, treatment and outcomes. The data is also applied to monitor and improve the quality of cancer care across Germany, in compliance with the Krebsfrüherkennungs- und Registergesetz (KFRG). By benchmarking quality indicators, the registry is a helpful tool to identify best practices and areas for improvement in the fields of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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The Clinical Cancer Registry of Charité

The Clinical Cancer Registry of Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center is responsible for the timely reporting of tumor patients to the Clinical Cancer Registry Brandenburg-Berlin and provides the necessary data sets for the certification of the oncology centers.
Within the five regional Berlin tumor centers, of which CCCC is one, the Clinical Cancer Registry of  CCCC performs tasks in various project groups and at information events. Together with Tumor Center Berlin e.V., lectures and training courses for tumor documentalists are held on a regular basis.

Reporting of Tumor Patients to the Clinical Cancer Registry Brandenburg-Berlin

On April 9, 2013, the Cancer Early Detection and Registry Act (KFRG) came into force. Among other things, this law requires physicians to submit personal data records of tumor patients to the Clinical Cancer Registry Brandenburg Berlin (german website) within a certain period of time.

The Clinical Cancer Registry of the CCCC assumes this task on behalf of all physicians working in oncology at the Charité.

Services for Physicians and Scientists at the Charité

  • Creation of individual database queries in the context of oncological questions.
  • Provision of Kaplan-Meier curves (survival curve, DFS, follow-up, etc.) for all tumor entities.
  • WEB-GTDS trainings
  • Certification of the Charité Oncology Centers


Kai Schiller

Team Lead Cancer Registry

Web Access to Documentation Tools (internal only)

Access only directly from the Charité network or via VM HORIZON Client.