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Services for Patients, Family Members and Interested Parties

At Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC), patients with cancer receive comprehensive treatment: In addition to medical care, patients and their relatives can choose from a wide range of psychosocial and other support services at all three sites of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Participation in clinical trials and obtaining a second opinion on the disease and the therapy are also possible.

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What to do when diagnosed with cancer?

The diagnosis of cancer is a drastic event for many of those affected. CCCC offers you as a patient and also your family members a wide range of services for the treatment and management of the disease.

In the certified organ tumor centers, you will find experts for the diagnosis and treatment of your disease at a high medical level. Participation in clinical trials is also offered by CCCC, as well as a variety of supportive counseling services for you and your family members. Furthermore, CCCC supports the work of cancer self-support groups and publishes their events and offers.

If you need assistance in finding or contacting the right person, the colleagues at the Cancer Hotline will be happy to help you.

How do you make an appointment via CCCC Cancer Hotline?

In order to be able to assist you, the hotline team will ask you a few questions about your condition and the examinations or treatments you have had so far. If necessary, we will also ask you to send us written findings.

If it is required for us that you send us your reports in order to process your inquiry, we will always need your written consent to process your data. You can download a form for this purpose here:

What documentation regarding your medical condition is required when making a request to CCCC?

If you would like to consult the Charité for a second opinion or for further treatment, we require all previous diagnostic findings on your disease in advance. This may include

  • CT images and/or MRI images on CD
  • the written findings on these images
  • all important medical reports and/or discharge letters concerning your illness
  • with details of the therapies and medications you have received to date and are currently taking
  • particularly important are also the findings of the fine-tissue examinations (pathological or histological findings) and
  • if possible, current laboratory results.

It is best if you send copies of the findings.

We also need your written consent to process the data. Please download the document "Informed consent", fill in the form and enclose it signed with the findings.

A big request for the provision of the diagnostic reports

Documents printed single-sidedly facilitate our work immensely.
Please save yourself the trouble of stapling the documents together, you will save us valuable working time.

Thank you very much!
Your Hotline Team

Cancer is a mendatory reportable disease

As a patient of the Charité, you will be informed about the reporting of your tumor disease data to the Clinical Cancer Registry Brandenburg and Berlin (KKRBB). You will be informed that you have a right to object and that you have a right to information.

What data is collected?
What is the legal basis for this data collection?
How is your data protected and what is the purpose of the collection?
The data dutifully reported to the cancer registry provide complete disease and treatment histories, which are not only important for each individual treatment. The data also provide valuable information, for example, for assessing the success of various therapeutic methods. They serve research, the improvement of regional care quality and the quality of oncological care as a whole.

The patient information on the obligation to report to the Clinical Cancer Registry as well as this information in other languages can be downloaded from this website.