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    10117 Berlin

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KEYNOTE LECTURE by Professor Florian Markowetz

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Event for expert public only

Inferring cancer evolution

Dear Colleagues,

We would likt to cordially invite you to the Keynote Lecture of Prof. Florian Markowetz.


Cancer has long been understood as a somatic evolutionary process, but many details of tumor progression remain elusive. Florian Markowetz will talk about computational methods to infer evolutionary pathways leading to tumour heterogeneity. He will start by discussing how to quantify intra-patient heterogeneity by rigorous analysis of copy-number profiles from multiple patient samples. Using a study in ovarian cancer he will describe how summary statistics of phylogenetic quantification of genetic heterogeneity can predict patient survival. Then, he will present a probabilistic framework to reconstruct intra-tumor evolution from data obtained by bulk bisulfite sequencing of mixed tumor samples or single cell genomes. The approach jointly estimates the number and composition of clones in the sample as well as the most likely tree connecting them. He will finish with an outlook how to put cancer genomics in a tissue context.

Attendance free

The keynote lecture is mainly directed at researchers, physician scientists and students, who are working in the fields of basic research and/or clinical translational research. Attendance of this public lecture is free of charge. Please register at: DKTK-Berlin(at)

Best regards,

Prof. Reinhold Schäfer                            Prof. Ulrich Keilholz
Deputy Director                                     Acting Director
Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center     Charité Comprehensive  Cancer Center

Organizational and administrative matters


Professor Florian Markowetz
Universtity of Cambridge
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Cambridge, UK

Event organizer

R. Schäfer; Institute of Pathology and German Cancer Cosortium (DKTK)
U. Keilholz; Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC)


May 11, 2016
4 -5 pm


Charité – Universitätsmedizin | Campus Charité Mitte
Institute of Pathology
Lecture Hall Pathology
Virchowweg 15 | D-10117 Berlin





Please Register b May 9th, 2016: DKTK-Berlin(at)

Attendance free

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