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KEYNOTE LECTURES within 14th Japanese-German Cancer Workshop

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Event for expert public only

Key Note Lectures 14-Deutsch-Japanisches-Symposium 14.11.2014

Dear colleagues, It is a great honour and a pleasure to invite you to the Keynote Lecture of Professor Petra Boukamp and Professor Fuyuki Ishikawa.

Information on the Lectures can also be found in the attached Poster and on our homepage (
Admission to this public lecture is free of charge.
All are most warmly invited to attend!
With best regards,
Prof. Reinhold Schäfer                                            Prof. Ulrich Keilholz                                      
Deputy Director CCCC                                             Acting Director CCCC
DKTK Site Representative                                                                    

Organizational and administrative matters


Fuyuki Ishikawa
Kyoto University, School of Medicine, Graduate School of Biostudies
Telomere, Aging and Cancer

Petra Boukamp
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Genetics of Skin Carcinogenesis
The microenvironment: a determinant for normal and tumor growth of human skin keratinocytes

Event organizer

Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC)


Friday, November 14
2014, 4 – 6 pm


Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus, Lecture Hall
Robert-Koch-Platz 7 | D-0115 Berlin



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