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Cancer Research at CCCC

New understanding and methodological developments in molecular biology, tumor immunology and genomics have revolutionized cancer research in recent years.

The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC) is dedicated to the further development of diagnostic procedures, treatment techniques and drugs. Based on this new knowledge we are able to bring advances in the diagnosis and therapy of tumor diseases into clinical application as quickly as possible.

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Research on Cancer

Mitarbeiterin des CCCC vor dem Mikroskop, Gewebeprobe

Cancer arises from mutation of the genetic material in cells and includes a variety of tumor diseases of different organs. Cancer cells divide uncontrollably, escape natural cell death, procure independent nutrient supply (angiogenesis) and escape immune system control.

In addition, cancer cells travel through the blood and lymphatic systems to distant target organs to metastasize.

Knowledge from different research disciplines is needed to investigate the causes and combat these complex tumor diseases.

Research Focus of Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center

The research programs of Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center cover the entire spectrum of applied tumor research, with a particular focus on the following areas:

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