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Research Group for Clinical and Translational Precision Oncology

Every cancer is unique. Precision oncology aims at identifying personalized treatment options through molecular cancer profiling. In our group, we focus on creating reproducible and evidence-based individualized treatment options.

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How patients can benefit through our research

For our ultimate goal to improve treatment strategies we directly translate molecular profiling technologies from routine panel sequencing and immunohistochemistry to multi-omics analyses into clinical care through the weekly Charité molecular tumor conference. Here we bring our latest results from analyzing clinical and molecular data and knowledge of the mechanisms of tumor biology to the table and discuss “real life cases” with a variety of experts.

Research Topics

Clinical Precision Oncology

Since every cancer is unique, reproducible and evidence-based decision-making is a challenge in precision oncology. We collaborate in several national and international working groups to streamline workflows, evidence levels and databases to help translate molecular profiles into personalized treatment using the best available data.

Translational Precision Oncology

The combined analysis of clinical and molecular data allows for an in-depth analysis of mechanisms underlying response and resistance to personalized therapies. We aim at harnessing these data to improve understanding of tumor biology and ultimately identify novel treatment strategies.

Team - Clinical and Translational Precision Oncology

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Keilholz

Director of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, Vice-President Deutscher Krebskongress 2016, Deputy DKTK site representative

Dr. med. Damian Rieke

Physician, speaker of the PPK-C

Dr. med. Mani Nassir, M. Sc.

Specialist in internal medicine

Portraitfoto Dr. med. Mani Nassir
Dipl.-Ing. Yvette Jegodka, MScPH

MTK Coordination, Research associate