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Translational Research at the CCCC

Translational research has the task of transferring results from basic research into preclinical development programs and subsequently into the clinic. The new approaches to prevention, diagnostics and therapy are first introduced into medical practice in clinical trials.

The goal is to continuously and sustainably improve the treatment options for the patients concerned. To achieve this, physicians, scientists and researchers from other disciplines work closely together.

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Current Translational Research Priorities at the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC)

  • intracellular and intercellular communication pathways (signaling pathways) in cancer development,
  • molecular diagnostics of cancer,
  • tumor immunology and immunotherapy,
  • Research on the role of stem cells in carcinogenesis and metastasis,
  • radiotherapy,
  • therapy resistance,
  • Drug discovery,
  • Integration of new disciplines/technologies: medical systems biology, genome sequencing (deep sequencing) and molecular imaging, as well as
  • early detection, cancer and age, cancer risks.