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Personalized Cancer Medicine at Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center

Precision oncology aims at developing new treatment approaches for cancer patients. Through extensive molecular analyses of tumor tissue, we can identify mechanisms of tumor growth and therapy resistance in numerous patients, which ideally results in alternative treatment strategies or the possibility of participation in innovative clinical trials. This requires an effective cooperation of the diverse competencies of all disciplines necessary for quality-assured personalized medicine, as well as easy and fast access routes to this individualized treatment strategy. The Platform for Personalized Cancer Medicine is integrated into a dynamic research environment and national as well as international scientific networks, pioneering new research approaches and clinical trials.

Overall, the Platform for Personalized Cancer Medicine constitutes the interface between care and research in order to offer innovative personalized forms of treatment for cancer patients, to continuously improve precision oncology therapy.

Structure of the Platform for Personalized Cancer Medicine

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The Platform for Personalized Cancer Medicine is embedded in the structure of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC).

The Platform for Personalized Cancer Medicine works  closely together with its interdisciplinary cooperation partners.

The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center coordinates special research and diagnostic programs:

We offer the possibility of an additive comprehensive diagnosis not only to patients of the Charité, but also to patients from external clinics or oncological practices through our precision oncology consultation. 

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