MSCoreSys Kick-off Meeting | ONLINE

Wednesday, 11. November 2020

Thursday, 12. November 2020

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CLINSPECT-M_Poster Multiple Sclerosis CSF proteomics pilot study

CLINSPECT-M_Poster WP2 Pharmacodynamic CSF biomarker for Alzheimers disease

CLINSPECT-M_Poster WP3 Data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry (DIA-MS) for proteomic applications in stroke

CLINSPECT-M_Poster WP4 Optimized proteomic workflow for FFPE tissue

CLINSPECT-M_Poster WP5 Proteomics Ring Trial

DIASyM Mainz

DIASyM_Poster_Data storage


DIASyM_Poster_HF_Thomas Köck




MSTARS_Poster WP2_The Role of Metabolism in MSTARS

MSTARS_Poster WP3_Imaging Technologies

MSTARS Poster WP4_5 Data Management and Modelling

MSTARS_Poster WP6 HNSCC as use case for the full cycle of translation research

SMART-CARE Heidelberg

SMART-CARE_Poster_clinics-Definition and collection of clinical samples

SMART-CARE_Poster_data_analysis_bioinformatics-Guiding precision medicine with mass spectrometry

SMART-CARE_Poster_data_management-Data Management for Systems Medicine

SMART-CARE_Poster_metabolomics-Assessing Metabolome Variability

SMART-CARE_Poster_proteomics-Proteomics Approaches in Systems Medicine

Summary Team Sessions

MSCoreSys_Results of Team Sessions Kickoff Nov2020

Team Session 1_Clinical Questions & Pathology MSCoreSys

Team Session 4__Data Management

Dr. rer. nat. Gina Dörpholz

- Im Mutterschutz - Wissenschaftliche Zentrumskoordinatorin | Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin EFRE / DKTK/DKFZ | Forschungsbeauftragte

Dr. rer. nat. Gina Dörpholz