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Special Lecture: Genomic Evolution in Breast Cancer Progression: Implications for Precision Medicine

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Dr. Lee is Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, and Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh. Furthermore, he is Director of the Women's Cancer Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and Magee Women's Research Institute. 
He received his B.Sc. and PhD in England, and came to San Antonio for his postdoctoral studies. He was subsequently recruited to Baylor College of Medicine and now the University of Pittsburgh.

Translational breast cancer research is what describes his lab best, thereby focusing on two main areas:
- targeting the insulin-like growth factor pathway in breast cancer
- the role of next generation sequencing in personalized cancer genomic medicine.

In his talk he will provide an overview of the Institute of Precision Medicine in general and the work of his lab in particular. He will give you an impression on the variety of breast-cancer trials run as an example on how genomics can lead to precision cancer medicine.



Adrian Lee, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, and Professor of Human Genetics
Director, Institute of Precision Medicine
Pittsburgh University, PA


Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center


2. Mai 2017
15:00 Uhr


Charité Campus Mitte
Lecture hall, Institute of Pathology
Virchowweg 15
10117 Berlin



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